Grade Web Server

The Grade Web Server provides a way to use Grade2 (or Grade) without having to licence and install both BUSTER and the CSD-core packages. To provide easy access to Grade2 the CCDC as kindly agreed that we can provide a free-to-use Grade Web Server that includes the use of CSD software and data.

Please note that use of the Grade Web Server is subject to agreeing to the conditions of use:

The Grade Web Server should only be used for non-confidential ligands.

The Grade Web Server was publicly announced in March 2012 and in the first ten years of its operation it has been used to produce over 20,000 restraint dictionaries. On 14 December 2022, an improved version of the Grade Web Server that runs Grade2 was made available. As part of this work the Grade Web Server user interface has been improved by simplifying the entry forms and providing help links. A wider range of input file types is now supported including MOL/SDF and CIF restraint dictionaries. It is also possible to run the original Grade although this is deprecated and the service will eventually be withdrawn.